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    Lost key-up events cause auto-repeat strings in Windows 7 guest (VMware Fusion 8.5.10, iMac 27" High Sierra 10.13.2)

    spacewrench Novice

      I run Windows 7 and Linux guests in full-screen on a 27" Retina iMac with High Sierra 10.13.2.  I've had the following inconvenient symptom for a while now (several VMware update cycles, at least).


      When typing in a guest word processor or other program (MSWord, PowerPoint) I use keyboard editing commands such as ctrl-X, ctrl-V, ctrl-Z.  Sometimes the "Ctrl" keypress isn't recognized, so I just get X, V or Z.  Other times, the Ctrl release isn't recognized, so everything I type for a while becomes Ctrl-...   And sometimes, the key release for a regular letter is missed, so the guest OS thinks I'm still holding down the key and starts entering a stream of autorepeat letters.


      I've tried the various gaming/mouse and keyboard settings, but none of them seem to affect this behavior.


      Any good way to track this down or fix it?