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    Failed at 98% : Unable to find the system volume, reconfiguration is not possible - Windows Vista

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      The conversion stops at 98% showing the message in the title. There is no boot.ini file on the boot drive and trying to reconfigure the VM didn't solve the problem as well.

      I tried un-successfully to convert only the active partition (C:) to the VM but the same problem appears.


      Extra information:

      The computer is an old laptop which has an internal Seagate drive with 3 partitions as it appears in the image attached. C: has the windows installation, D: is a partition for data and the 3rd one I am not sure what it contains; I believe it has some kind of recovery software (?)

      OS: Windows Vista 32bit

      VMware vCenter Converter: 6.2.0 build-7348398

      Task with ID 6 is the conversion with all 3 partitions of the drive (logs can be found at ConverterDiagnostics20171111220416.zip file) and task with ID 8 is the conversion with only one partition - the one that has windows installed (C:) - (logs can be found at ConverterDiagnostics20180113045616.zip file)


      Laptop's history:

      I'm trying to make a VM of the laptop because it started showing signs that it might die soon - several times of freezing, then not being able to boot. After opening the laptop's case and clearing it a bit, it seems to be working fine - but in any case I'd like to somehow preserve the OS and programs/software that nobody has the installation files for anymore.


      Any help would be appreciated!

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