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    Help Retrieving Files from VM on Ext HD from old PC

    RickRBG Lurker

      I recently replaced my old windows 7 computer running VMware / XP. The power supply was bad so computer tech removed hard drive and made it an external usb drive (G:). My new computer is running Win 10. Tech copied my Desktop from old pc, put on new pc and I explained to tech I had a virtual machine in old PC but I dont see files. When I search G: Drive I see a lot of VMware but cannot find .vmd files. I have installed VMware 12 w/ updates on new PC  (No OS yet/ I have XP CD if needed) and would like to retrieve files. Please help. I found directions online and tried to open with VM/ Player/ Removable Devices/ NS106X (usb G: device) but when I clicked on it, an error came up that said I could make external drive unstable so I stopped. Please help.