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    What are some recommendations for "masking" an AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core CPU for a Windows 98 vm?

    SanAndreasElevator Novice

      So I still have had no success on getting Windows 98 SE to install properly in Workstation 14 as I always get several error messages (yes it's driving me absolutely up the wall) and for those of you that don't know, I already have two discussions regarding the problem. In my second discussion a user pointed out that it could be my CPU and that maybe playing around with "masking" could help. I've done a few searches around the community for instructions on how to mask a CPU and I did see to the effect of pasting a line of binary code in the .vmx file would mask the CPU, but I didn't feel the results I found would get me anywhere and to be honest my knowledge in CPUs is very limited. So if anyone has in-depth and detailed instructions and recommendations on how to mask a Ryzen CPU with an older AMD CPU or on how to at least mask some of the features of the host CPU, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.