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    vRA 7.x - VirtualMachine.Admin.Owner

    bdamian Hot Shot

      Hi All,


      How can I deploy a Blueprint for other users (on behalf is not an option because users has no entitlements for that) in vRealize Automation 7.x?


      In vRA 6.x, I had users with no entitlement for services (they can't deploy VMs) and, as a Business Group Admin I can deploy a VM using the Custom Property "VirtualMachine.Admin.Owner" specifying a user, so the deployed VM appears in the user's Items Tab.


      In vRA 7.x this doesn't work neither setting the property in the Deployment nor the Virtual Machine. The deployment and the Virtual Machine appears in the Admin's Items Tab rather than the User's.


      Thanks a lot,

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          daphnissov Guru
          vExpertCommunity Warriors

          Hi Damián,


          Can you explain what you're trying to achieve as the end result? When you say


          on behalf is not an option because users has no entitlements for that

          do you mean the end user has no access to vRA at all?


          I'm trying to follow how you want this to work and what the options might be.

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            bdamian Hot Shot



            In my scenario, users can only manage the VM power cycle, but they cannot deploy new VMs, so they don't have entitlements for blueprints. The Business Group Admin can deploy a VM but we need to change the owner to that user.


            In vRA 6.x you can do this using "VirtualMachine.Admin.Owner" custom propery. But in vRA 7.x this property doesn't work and now we need to deploy and then execute "Change Owner" Action.


            We'd like to keep doing this in a single call.




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              rmav01 Enthusiast

              Is the order taking place through the GUI or through automation? If it's through the GUI did you try updating the value of the On Behalf Of  field on the catalog item request page in the upper right-hand corner of the page before submitting the request?


              If you're doing it through the API, I think you would need to update the requestedFor field.

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                qc4vmware Master

                In our environment we change the owner at the end of the deployment.  We have a quite a few instances where we only allow limited management of the systems by the user and do not allow them to deploy from within vRA.  We've always done it this way in both versions 6 and 7.

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                  bdamian Hot Shot

                  In our environment, use "On Behalf Of" because users do not have entitlements for deployment.


                  In vRA6 we could use "VirtualMachine.Admin.Owner" Custom Property but it doesn't work in vRA7.


                  I know that I can deploy and then "Change Owner", I wonder why I cannot do it as in vRA6.

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                    bdamian Hot Shot

                    Using the API and updating the "requestedFor" field has the same effect as On Behalf Off, it doesn't work if the user doesn't have entitlements.


                    The error is the following:


                        "errors": [


                                "code": 20129,

                                "source": null,

                                "message": "User demo@vra.lab is not entitled to request 'Blueprint Name'.",

                                "systemMessage": "User demo@vra.lab is not entitled to request 'Blueprint Name''.",

                                "moreInfoUrl": null





                    A good vRA6 functionality is missing in vRA7. I understand that in vRA7 a machine is part of a Deployment. They forgot to include a new "Deployment.Admin.Owner" custom property.

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                      YestoVI Enthusiast
                      VMware Employees

                      Is the requesting account part of Business Group Manager?

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                        bdamian Hot Shot

                        Hi YestoVI, yes, it is.

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                          qc4vmware Master

                          I'd suggest using the subscriptions for now... you can set one up that looks at the value of that property and changes the owner if it doesn't match the current owner.  I honestly never even knew setting that value had that effect.  I always thought it was for adding the owner to a Windows systems local admin group.  I have a feeling that might have actually been considered a bug or an undocumented feature.

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                            bdamian Hot Shot

                            What a nice and simple suggestion (I'm a little of embarrassed for not thinking about this myself)!!!


                            Thanks a lot, qc4vmware

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                              bdamian Hot Shot

                              Hi, I need a little help here because this is more difficult than I thought.


                              I've created a subscription on "Catalog item request completed" event and I've printed out all the info it sends:

                              taskType: PROVISION

                              subtenant: fcb8a0f5-a6cf-46b8-9d2f-585a57dff9f3


                              requestId: b2166df6-7ad0-4849-9543-897a8530f2ca

                              success: true

                              deploymentId: efc7ba0b-b224-4870-b63f-7335442d9472

                              blueprintId: EmtpyBoxSVP

                              tenant: fibercorp

                              requestStatus: SUCCEEDED


                              And none of these ids helps me to find the Deployment to actually perform the "Change Owner". DeploymentId and RequestId are not the IDs I can see in the API.


                              Any tip?

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                                qc4vmware Master

                                Take a look at this thread.  These are great starting points for using the subscriptions.  vRA7 Event Broker Workflow Templates


                                Here is some code to return the catalog resource for the deployment.  That is what you'll run the change owner on.


                                var hosts = some vCACCAFE:VCACHost

                                var resources = new Array();



                                var requestService = host.createCatalogClient().getCatalogConsumerRequestService();

                                var resources = requestService.getResourcesProvisionedByRequest(requestId,null).getContent();

                                //Loop through results

                                var vms = new Array();

                                var deployments = new Array();

                                for (var i = 0; i < resources.length; i++){

                                     if (resources[i].resourceTypeRef.getLabel() === "Deployment") deployments.push(resources[i]);

                                     if (resources[i].resourceTypeRef.getLabel() === "Virtual Machine") vms.push(resources[i]);



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                                  bdamian Hot Shot

                                  Finally I've sorted this out.


                                  Unfortunately, it is very complex and couldn't done it using the vRA plugin for orchestrator, so I've used direct calls to the vRA API. But even then, the solution is tricky.


                                  The IDs provided by the event broker (requestId and deploymentId) do not works with the API calls to get the Requests nor Deployments. Another problem is that the API call to get the deployments doesn't include the custom properties (needed to complete the action).


                                  Finally, calling to the Action "Change Owner" is also tricky because the documentation is incomplete (and takes me a while to figure out how to build it).


                                  So, if some one there needs to do something like this, let me know and I'll create a document with all the steps (many).

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                                    bdamian Hot Shot

                                    Bad news, guys.


                                    I've unmarked the previous "Correct answer" because now that I have the subscription finished, I realize that doesn't work.


                                    What I've seen is that by the time the event "Catalog item request completed" is triggered, the "Deployment Form" is not completed and doesn't have the custom properties available. So it is not possible to get the needed information to actually change the owner. Just after the Request is "Successful" the custom properties appears in the Deployment Form and this will not happens until the subscripted workflow finished the execution.


                                    So, this is a dead end, at least for now.


                                    I will keep trying to find the Custom Properties somewhere else, but for now, the only way to do this is:

                                    . Manually, deploy the blueprint and then execute the Change Owner Action

                                    . By API, execute the blueprint, wait until is Successful, and then call the API again to execute the Change Owner API.

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