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    vRA 7.x - VirtualMachine.Admin.Owner

    bdamian Hot Shot

      Hi All,


      How can I deploy a Blueprint for other users (on behalf is not an option because users has no entitlements for that) in vRealize Automation 7.x?


      In vRA 6.x, I had users with no entitlement for services (they can't deploy VMs) and, as a Business Group Admin I can deploy a VM using the Custom Property "VirtualMachine.Admin.Owner" specifying a user, so the deployed VM appears in the user's Items Tab.


      In vRA 7.x this doesn't work neither setting the property in the Deployment nor the Virtual Machine. The deployment and the Virtual Machine appears in the Admin's Items Tab rather than the User's.


      Thanks a lot,

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          daphnissov Virtuoso

          Hi Damián,


          Can you explain what you're trying to achieve as the end result? When you say


          on behalf is not an option because users has no entitlements for that

          do you mean the end user has no access to vRA at all?


          I'm trying to follow how you want this to work and what the options might be.

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            bdamian Hot Shot



            In my scenario, users can only manage the VM power cycle, but they cannot deploy new VMs, so they don't have entitlements for blueprints. The Business Group Admin can deploy a VM but we need to change the owner to that user.


            In vRA 6.x you can do this using "VirtualMachine.Admin.Owner" custom propery. But in vRA 7.x this property doesn't work and now we need to deploy and then execute "Change Owner" Action.


            We'd like to keep doing this in a single call.




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              rmav01 Enthusiast

              Is the order taking place through the GUI or through automation? If it's through the GUI did you try updating the value of the On Behalf Of  field on the catalog item request page in the upper right-hand corner of the page before submitting the request?


              If you're doing it through the API, I think you would need to update the requestedFor field.

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                qc4vmware Expert

                In our environment we change the owner at the end of the deployment.  We have a quite a few instances where we only allow limited management of the systems by the user and do not allow them to deploy from within vRA.  We've always done it this way in both versions 6 and 7.

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                  bdamian Hot Shot

                  In our environment, use "On Behalf Of" because users do not have entitlements for deployment.


                  In vRA6 we could use "VirtualMachine.Admin.Owner" Custom Property but it doesn't work in vRA7.


                  I know that I can deploy and then "Change Owner", I wonder why I cannot do it as in vRA6.