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    UAG monitoring\configuring

    r1819m2 Lurker

      I have two UAG serves and two connection servers all sitting behind Netscaler LBs. Nice setup its all brand new config just starting to put users on it.


      I went to do some testing today and notice some strange things. I shutdown UAG 1 and people continued to log in but current connections got dropped. I started UAG 1 and shutdown UAG 2 all connections dropped but people could log back in. I started UAG 2 back up so both 1 and 2 were running again and now no one was able to login. The same config on both UAG servers. I finally shutdown UAG2 and everyone was able to log in. Started UAG2 and still seems fine but I think that's because everyone cached or is connecting to 1 at the moment. I don't have much faith in UAG 2 but not for sure how or what to do to verify it is a problem. I think I'm going to shutdown 1 again to force over to 2 and see if the problem comes back.


      The UAGs are nice but they really don't tell us much. Is there a way to tell what connections or how many connections are through a single UAG server? There is no reporting in the View admin to see if they are up or down or even connecting to connection servers. I know there are green dots in the UAG GUI but they seem very very slow to refresh. All dots were green throughout all my testing but I still had connection issues. Trying to search online for some general information like this but only finding people saying they are very easy to setup. I agree with the setup it was easy and only took minutes but some better monitoring\troubleshooting tools would be nice.. What has everyone else found?