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    2 items added to LaunchDaemons on each launch, deleted on quitting

    brett_x Lurker

      Every time I start up VMWare Fusion, 2 LaunchDaemons are added to my /Library/LaunchDaemons folder. The files are com.vmware.KextControlHelper.plist and com.vmware.VMMonHelper.plist.  When I quit, they are deleted. I don't think this happened until the last update I did (version 10.1). 


      I have a Folder Action set up to watch this folder (because we should all be aware of what is in there). So I get an alert every time I launch Fusion. It's not the end of the world, and I'm not questioning the need to use LaunchDaemons for Fusion, but this is the ONLY app that deletes them upon quitting. So I'm questioning ... why delete them? They seem to be exactly the same each time they're placed there. Other applications seem to only modify the ones they place there when there's change to them.




      FWIW, If anyone else is interested, it's a good practice to set up Folder Actions on these folders. (Monitor OS X LaunchAgents folders to help prevent malware attacks - CNET