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    How to install CR10 runtime on win7 64bit

    nicole098 Novice

      I don't have any specific experience with Crystal Report, but I do have some experience with installing components on a 64-bit Windows environment that were intended for 32-bit Windows, so here are some general suggestions of things to try:

      • Before installing, try loosening the security privileges - I have Windows Server 2008; on this OS, they're under Start | Administrative Tools | Local Security Policy. Many old installers are thwarted by these controls. You'll want to return them to their defaults after the install.
      • Make sure that you run the installer with admin privileges (right-click; run as Administrator).
      • Examine the installation log for Crystal Report - it may indicate a failure registering a component. In one instance, I was able to get the installation working by running the command to register the failed component manually, on an administrator-privileged command line (the command was in the log).
      • If acceptable, try to create a Windows Virtual Machine running a virtual Windows XP, and try the installations there (this might be a bit tedious, due to your need for MS Office).
      • Take a look at VMWare's ThinApp - this is intended for packaging applications for administrators, but this was the solution we ended up using to shield one of our 32-bit apps from Windows 64-bit perils

      Hope this helps; we struggled for awhile trying different things to get our legacy apps working on a 64-bit environment.