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    Get-CIVM vs Get-CIview -CIobject ${Get-CIVM -Name "MyVM"} status attribute

    SlawekBigAir Lurker

      I use:

      PowerCLI 6.5 Release 1 build 4624453,

      vCloud Director for Cloud Service Providers 8.20 U1


      When running:

      Get-CIVM -name "MyVM"

      I get CIObject that contain property 'Status'. 'Status' is of type CIVAppStatus and I can see the value "Powered On".


      PowerCLI Reference says that CIVappStatus:

      PowerCLI Reference

      CIVAppStatus - Enum

      Property of
      CIVMTemplate, CIVAppTemplate, CIVM, CIVApp
      Parameter to
      Get-CIVApp, Get-CIVM

      Enum Constants



      Now, when I run

      $vm = get-civm -name "MyVM"

      Get-CIview -CIobject $vm

      the 'Status' parameter show value 4.


      Get-CIview returns AbstractVApp, with property Status that is integer.


      I can't find in PowerCLI any reference to AbstractVApp nor it property 'Status'.


      I am in pursuit for vm overall health status that I could get from vCloud director like the one I can get from vCenter Server - 

      (Get-View -ViewType VirtualMachine -Filter @{"Name" = "MyVM"}).OverallStatus