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    Unable to start cloned vm

    toxkdjs Novice



      I'm new in the IT world and I have some trouble cloning a VM.

      So I have a sentinel one vm working on an ESXI and i want to backup it.

      I choosed to use the vmkfstools command to clone it and then reinstall it.


      My command is like

      vmkfstools -i path1/vmfile.vmdk -d thin path2/vmfile.vmdk


      Im using this command twice because i have 2 disks on this vm, one someting.vmdk and an other someting_1.vmdk


      I also copy paste the VMX file which i think is needed to start the config.

      When everything is done I try to start the cloned vm and it doesnt work, the vm stays at Starting up.


      Do you have any idea what is wrong ?

      Thank you and sorry for bad english.