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    vSphere 6.5 exam objective "Configure/View/Print/Export resource maps"

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      Hi All,


      for VMware vSphere 6.5 Foundations Exam, there is an exam objective which talks about " Configure/View/Print/Export resource maps "


      I was going through url https://mylearn.vmware.com/lcms/web/portals/certification/exam_prep_guides/Exam_Prep_Guide_2V0-602.pdf


      I am not sure what objective "" Configure/View/Print/Export resource maps "" is talking about.


      Any suggestions ??




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          Resource maps refers to (I believe) a now-extinct feature that was only accessible in the legacy C#/Thick/Fat client used to access vCenter Server up until 6.5 Update 1. These maps showed a graphical view of various vSphere resources and how they interrelated, not unlike how vRealize Operations Manager shows its Environment tree. I don't think this is an objective you should worry about too much. It most likely should have been removed from the exam blueprint as a carry-over from the 6.0 and earlier days.

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            Hello lvaibhavt



            Yes, both map topics refer to old vSphere Client features - they were actually pretty useful for infrastructure layout planning and checking connections.


            Interpret vMotion Resource Maps



            Configure/View/Print/Export resource maps



            These shouldn't be in the 6.5 Blueprint (and certainly can be ignored as potential questions) as the old client is deprecated and not available with vCenter 6.5 - I will contact a colleague in VMware vTSU with aim to remediate this document.