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    POC test about VMware vSAN 6.6 based on VMmark 3.0 benchmark

    fengxuehui Lurker

                Hi,To receive Intel Select Solutions badge for our solution, we are doing a POC test about VMware vSAN 6.6 based on VMmark 3.0 benchmark.  We have tested many times, but the highest score of vmmark is 7.19, doesn't meet the minimum benchmark results which other people's test results 7.7.All hardware configurations are the same.

               Below is our environment setup information. The cluster "Client" is for the tier Client,PrimeClient and vCenter Server. The cluster "VSAN" is for the system under test which contains "Datastore1, Datastore2, Datastore3, Datastore4" for four ESXi boot device(Intel SSD DC S3520 Series 480GB) ."LUN1"and "LUN2" is the ISCSI shared storage which contains Standby and Client VM. Sugon rack serverI620-G10with an os Windows Server 2012 R2as an iSCSI Storage Server. VsanDatastore is the shared storage for SVmotion ,XVmotion and Deploy and all the rest of vm deployed on the VSAN.


           vCenter Client Cluster and VSAN Cluster:


      DataStore:vsandatastore and LUN1 LUN2:








      vSAN diskgroup:


      I have upoaded vmmark log and a full HW config document as well , It has been uploaded to the attachment.

      To meet  the minimum benchmark results: vmmark score 7.7.What should we do next?  How to make the test results higher in order to meet the minimum requirements?

      Thanks !