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    vRA 7.3 Delete an Imported AWS Instance

    redsand007 Novice

      We have vRA 7.3 in our environment and have imported a number of AWS instances.  They appear correctly in the Items -> AWS -> EC2 Instance Name section, however, there are some imported Instances that are listed which were terminated at some point and are no longer in our AWS environment.  The vRO plugin does not see them either, but when I go to vRO Inventory view -> vRA appliance -> Items they are there.  My question is how to I remove these stale Instance listings?  From my troubleshooting/research these are not registered in the IAAS component so would only be found on the appliance.  I've tried manually removing from the vRA postgres DB but they are not found.  Any ideas?

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          NuggetGTR Expert
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          These are custom XaaS items generally once you place these in vRA the entire lifecycle should be managed from vRA, where you would have a day 2 action that would delete and remove the object.


          Now you could create a day 2 action and try and delete the object (there is a checkbox in the creation of the action which says is this destroying the object) but it may fail because the resource mapping that is in place if working correctly would likely fail because that resource is no longer in the plugin.

          It might be easier to just go into the postgres database on the appliance and mark the object as deleted.



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            redsand007 Novice

            NuggetGTR  Thanks for the input.  For some reason the instances were imported and not deleted correctly through vRA and like you said when trying to terminate/destroy the object using a custom action it bombed.  At any rate, I was able to work through manually deleting the instance in the vRA postgres DB which is unsupported so be cautious and take a backup prior to making any changes.  Helpful tip for anyone with the same issue, the object will have to be deleted from the following locations/tables (see below) in the vRA postgres DB and in that order.