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    Benchmarking a Virtual Desktop to establish a performance baseline

    robert_way Lurker

      Hey folks,


      I am looking for suggestions/experiences in regard to establishing a baseline of performance for a Virtual Desktop.  My goal is to create a VD that has either a benchmark suite installed in it or use and external mechanism to drive the VD through a "typical" user scenario to establish a baseline of performance on our soon to be built production Infrastructure that is slated to support about 850 virtual desktops.


      I would like to run the vm to establish the baseline on a pristine infrastructure and then as more and more vms are introduced into the mix, run the becnmarks again to see how much results deviate from the norm and be able to identify a "saturation point" for each esx host at some pre-determined deviation from the baseline.


      Any suggestions or past experiences doing something similar would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,