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    How do I configure end user access over the WAN?

    StevenJames59 Lurker

      how do i enable end users to access their desktops and apps across the wan?

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          peterbrown05 Expert
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          Hi Steven

          Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure supports Internet Accessible desktop as part of the service price (ie its included for free!)

          This provides a pair of Unifed Access Gateway appliances which can be automatically deployed into the Azure environment if required.

          To configure it, when adding the node you need to provide a DMZ network CIDR range (/28 required), a FQDN (which is a Domain name you own/have registered) and a valid certificate for this fqdn.


          The appliances are then deployed. From your Settings->Capacity -> node details screen (as per screen shot below) you can read off the configured FQDN and also the Azure Load Balancer IP address.


          Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 15.31.12.png

          You need to setup a CNAME record for that Azure Loadbalancer IP and map it to your fqdn.


          If you are setting up just a test system and don't have a real fqdn yet, then you can add a local record to your hosts file on your client machines to map the system fqdn to the load balancer ip address (simply ping the Load Balancer FQDN to get its IP address).


          Once setup, then end user access can be done via that fqdn address (in example above,     apps.peterb.com


          In the future, when new updates are available to the service, the UAG appliances will be automatically upgraded,


          Hope this helps,




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