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    Error adding an SSL cert in Openstack 4.0

    PhilippPrestele Lurker

      Hi everybody,


      I am struggeling with a new issue at VIO 4.0.


      I just have deployed it in our lab and I would like to add an signed SSL cert.


      CSR creation is fine, as soon as I would like to import the final cert but I am receiving the following error:


      Failed to decode VALUE_STRING as base64 (MIME-NO-LINEFEEDS): Illegal character '"' (code 0x22) in base64 content

      at [Source: java.io.StringReader@171f36df; line: 1, column: 40]


      The cert is base64 and it works fine with other servers as well.

      Also the procedure was fine in VIO 3.1


      Does anybody had a similary expierence?


      thanks in advance