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    Host not responding esxi 5.5

    Smitty_v1 Lurker

      I have 5 host and one of them stop responding. The last event logs shows Veeam completing a snapshot of a VM on this host. After that the Host went down an hour later. I tried to remove and add the host back but that option was greyed out. I've also tried to reconnect the host and that status has been on-going for 2hrs. (in-progress). Any suggestions would be great. The next solution is to restart the Management agents on the Host directly.

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          msripada Expert

          Yes. You can restart the hostd and vpxa restart. If there are any hung or pending tasks by these, they will be killed.


          Kindly not to try services.sh if there are any storage issues or LACP configured.


          Check vmkernel and hostd logs for more details.




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            sarikrizvi Enthusiast

            1. Disable firewall and check host connect back in vcenter.


            # esxcli network firewall get

            # esxcli network firewall set --enable false


            2. If host connected back in vcenter after disabling firewall , then re-enable firewall again and monitor host.


            # esxcli network firewall set --enabled true


            3. if host disconnected in vcenter again , enable "VMware vCenter Agent"


            Go to Host through vClient >> Select Configuration >> Go to "Security Profile" >>> click on "Edit" >> Click Check-mark on box  "VMware vCenter Agent" for Port 902.


            Check now host will connect back in vcenter