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    Accidentally GPT formatted mirrored array on VM

    amick Lurker

      I was hosting a Windows 10 Virtual Machine on XenServer, using a Jetstor SAN for the storage, the Jetstor uses fiber channel to connect to the host server, which is where all the VM’s reside; the Jetstor is a 16 bay unit, with 8 Mirrored 2TB arrays.

      I logged into a PHYSICAL Windows Server that has a fiber channel card in it, and can see all of the Jetstor’s on the network through its fiber channel NIC, I plugged in a 10TB USB 3.0 external drive to the Windows Server, opened Disk Management to format it and a prompt came up to initialize the drive, the drive it asked me to initialize was actually one of the 2TB mirrored arrays from the Jetstor SAN, not the 10TB USB 3.0 drive.  Thinking it was the 10TB drive I initialized it as GPT which then made my XenServer no longer able to access the file structure it had created on that array. I need data and folder structures back from the Windows 10 VM that was on the 2TB array that I initialized.

      Was created with THICK provisioning.


      I realized pretty quickly that this isn't a typical logical recovery--scans with many utilities on either drive returned original folder and file structure but all files were corrupt.


      Thanks for any suggestions.  Willing to hire a pro if this would be a rather complicated recovery.