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    ESXi 6.5 with NVIDIA GPU for XenDesktop

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      My VDI experience is very limited. Well, actually nonexistent. I didn't want to post in the Horizon board since this is for XenDesktop and it appears the vGPU is setup on the VM. I am looking to setup three physical servers using ESXi 6.5 as the hypervisor and XenDesktop for VDI. There are only going to be 30 VDIs and I was looking at the NVIDIA Grid K1 or K2. There are no CAD users or graphic designers. Goal is to have smooth video playback and web conferencing. All users will have two monitors.


      For one, do you need to have multiple GPUs per server? We are a Supermicro shop, but I am guessing you can't just slap a GPU into any server. It looks like there are specific servers with GPU support.


      Any information or recommendations to point me in the right direction would be appreciated.