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    VMFS 6 - Maximum PTR blocks (dynamic) ?

    Sateesh_vCloud Hot Shot

      I tried to search for maximum values but can't find one for PTR blocks value in VMFS 6


      Any thoughts?

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          mprazeres183 Hot Shot

          Hi Sateesh_vCloud

          This are the Maximums:


          Item                                      Maximum
          File size (1MB block size)    256GB

          File size (2MB block size)    512GB

          File size (4MB block size)    1TB

          File size (8MB block size)    2TB minus 512B


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            Finikiez Master

            Not sure about maximums but doc says this at lest


            When formatting a VMFS-6 volume, the number of system resources (e.g. pointer blocks, sub-blocks,

            file descriptors) is set to (RESOURCE_PER_TB_FOR_VMFS5 * VOL_SIZE_IN_TB). If this value turns

            out to be less than 16384, 16384 resources are automatically created. The reasoning behind this is to

            initially create enough resources to avoid frequent resource file extensions. If this value turns out to be

            greater than 16384, we cap the initial number of resources to 16384. The reason is to cap the initial

            resources is to save on the disk space used by these resources. But of course for larger volumes, we

            will extend the system resources are needed.