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    vRNI Cluster Recovery

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      Hi All,


      Just couple questions about clustering and availability.  I am unable to get a clear answer from the documentation.


      When a cluster is created, the first Platform VM becomes Platform1 VM, and this is the management point for the entire cluster, and losing Platform1 leads to data loss and the entire cluster becoming unavailable.


      My questions are:

      1. in the even of losing Platform1, Can you promote another platform VM to become Platform1?  Or would you have to rebuilt the entire cluster including the proxies?
      2. Can the proxy vm be paired with another platform1 vm or would you have to redeploy the proxy and recollect all data again?
      3. What happens if you lose non platform1 vm?  Do you deploy another platform vm and add it to the cluster?


      Please provide as much detail as possible, the more technical the better.





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          Hello VFK,


          As of today, vRNI doesn't support HA. The first platform is always critical as it contains Postgres database. When platform1 goes down, the service becomes unavailable.


          Rest of the platform (Platform 2-10) acts as a member node for data processing (Large scale)


          In simple words, all platform nodes should be available to access vRNI web UI.

          Karthic Kumar,
          Sr.MTS. vRealize Network Insight.