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    Unable to Boot up VM after disk failure.

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      Esxi host failed due to disk failure.

      Recovered VM from recovery center.

      When I boot up the VM,  I get error "bootMGR image is corrupt.  The system cannot boot".

      Thinking it is windows booting.  I bootup using windows 2008 iso file to go to recovery tool.

      However, the vm then shuts down and display Virtual Machine Message.

      The redo log of xxxxx-000003.vmdk is corrupted.  If the problem persists, discard the redo log.

      When using w2k8 disk to boot to repair.  this error comes up and shutsdown the vm.

      (see attached pictures).

      VM will not allow me to add Hard disk if i dont delete xxxxx-000003-delta.vmdk file.

      After the delete then able to add hard disk 1 and point disk file to the flat vmdk file then able

      to boot into windows.  This is old data.  I need to able to boot using the xxxxx-000003.delta.vmdk

      for the last data.

      The log files are also attached.

      Please help.

      note: no backups