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    About the new Clean White UI

    mtopaloudis Lurker

      Today, the new Clean White UI got published. It is modern but it is not eye-friendly.

      We need engineer-friendly UI that will help us work fast.


      The old light-grey background (at White theme), was excellent because:

      1) was not burning our eyes

      2) was helping to quickly recognize where a box starts and stops


      The fact that Clean UI's are modern, it doesn't mean that they are engineer-friendly.


      I hope that you will seriously take care of this issue and fix the UI.


      PS.1 I have switched to Black theme, which is better than the New-White, but still not good as the Old-White

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          hxtahir87 Novice

          Hi Pantelis,


          This is Hassan from Wavefront by VMware. We connected earlier through a support ticket. I really appreciate you providing us more details on this.

          I have already spoken with management and we have brought this up with our product and engineering teams.

          We are looking into changing the white back ground with light grey just like you have suggested.


          Thank you!




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            mtopaloudis Lurker

            Hello Hassan,


            Thanks for your reply, I am glad to see that the color is fixed now.


            PS. My name is Michael not Pantelis

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              hxtahir87 Novice

              Hi Michael,


              I sincerely apologize for the name mix up, I received a very similar request through a support ticket as well.

              We worked on it internally, treating this with highest priority.

              Thank you for confirming the color scheme is working better for you

              Please feel free to reach out to us with questions and suggestions for improvements!


              Kind Regards,