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    Disable the use of ServiceNow "Login Rules" as an authentication method for vRA plugin

    GigaDuck Lurker

      We are seeing delays of 15 seconds for the ServiceNow homepage to load when someone is "vra_user" due to the vra plugin always pushing us to authenticate with vRA.


      The plugin is pushing us to authenticate with vRA regardless if we are accessing a vRA resouce (authentication happens only once and at the beginning of a new ServiceNow session).  As this happens almost always when people are trying to access the standard ServiceNow homepage.... people are incorrectly assuming that ServiceNow is running slow.


      We have troubleshooted this issue due to the use of "Login Rules" by the plugin within the ServiceNow system. Is there any way to prevent the authentication until someone is trying to access the vRA catalog? More importantly, ServiceNow has deprecated the use of "Login Rules" for some time (please see the links below from archive.org , the new documentation site for ServiceNow no longer has this info readily available).


      Configuring the Login:


      Content Management Security:



      Configuring the Login Screenshot:

      ServiceNow Login Rules.jpg


      Content Management Security:

      ServiceNow Login Rules Screen 2.jpg