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    What Limits/Quotas do I need for Horizon Cloud Service?

    JayeshPatel65 Novice

      related to my other question - to do with the free $200 account usage;

      but, realised that perhaps I have to increase my default limits/quotas for use with Horizon Cloud Service.


      can you help me understand what the minimum quotas are, and for which vm sizes?




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          shikham Novice

          Hi Jayesh,


          Check out the "Microsoft Azure Costs and Sizing Considerations" in the white paper here - https://www.vmware.com/content/dam/digitalmarketing/vmware/en/pdf/products/horizon-cloud-virtual-desktops/vmware_horizon…


          In short, once you have accounted for the Azure VM requirements to run Horizon Cloud service (also covered in Getting Started Guide here), you can size the number of Azure Servers required depending on the number of users and type of workload as described in the white paper.




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            peterbrown05 Expert
            VMware Employees

            Hi Jayesh

            To provide a little more information here, we obviously need several limits/quotas to be considered.

            These will need to be increased in each and every region in which you want to deploy a node (quotas are per Azure region).


            If you are deploying a Node with the Internet Accessible Desktops (which deploys the Unified Access Gateway appliances too) then you need a MINIMUM of:

            • 4x VMs
            • 12x Cores (total)
            • 2x F Series cores
            • 2x Dv2 cores
            • 8x Av2 cores


            If you are deploying without the Internet Accessible Desktops then you need:

            • 2x VMs
            • 4x Cores (total)
            • 2x F Series cores
            • 2x Dv2 cores

            These may change in the future as we add new capabilities. However, when you come to deploy the node, the Administration console will actually make calls against your azure subscription and check that you have sufficient cores available to do the deployment. It should flag an error and prevent you proceeding if you dont have enough.


            Of course, the above doesnt actually give you any headroom for the desktops and applications in the RDSH farm (or for VDI in future when thats available).


            RDSH Servers today use either Dv2 Series vm's or if you want GPU backed, then NV family cores. As such, if you plan to support a farm of N servers you would need to make sure that you have

               ( N * cores/server)  for the required family requested.

            see Windows VM sizes in Azure | Microsoft Docs for the tables of the cores/size mappings;  we use D2v2 (2 cores), D3v2 (4 cores) and D4v2 (8cores) sizes as well as the NV6 (6 cores) as options for RDSH servers.



            fyi; Requesting an increase to cores is pretty simple. You do this from within your Azure Portal directly, make sure you request 'Resource Manager' for the deployment type, and select the right region.


            hope this helps,