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    OSX 10.12 (Sierra) Guest on ESXi 6.5 U1 - HiDPI Problem

    raiford Enthusiast

      I recently installed ESXi on a Mac and created a MacOS Sierra VM and have a couple problems.  First of all, although ESXi detected that I'm running on a Mac, it didn't have access to the VM Tools. I used the darwin.iso from my VMWare Fusion install.  Hopefully that is the right one to use.


      Now that I have everything running, I'm finding that the Mac VM always forces me into a HiDPI mode.  If I try to choose a scaled resolution that isn't in HiDPI, it briefly changes to the new resolution correctly and then it immediately switches to the HiDPI version.  This leaves me with a nice looking wallpaper, but menus and desktop icons that are HUGE.  I tried using the set resolution script from the VM Tools directory, but it has the same problem.  I can force a particular resolution, but it always enables HiDPI.


      Could it be I'm running the wrong VM Tools?  Is there a different set for ESXi that I should be running?  I'm connecting to the server from VMWare Fusion on a Mac that uses a retina display.  Could it be detecting that and forcing the HiDPI mode?


      Thank you in advance!