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    Load balance VMware Management network

    bnk Enthusiast

      I have two dedicated physical nicks used for Management traffic on each of our ESXi hosts.

      We are setting up VVOL and use Veeam to backup all vm´s.

      When using VVOL, backup is done through the management interface (2x1Gb/s).

      Now, all traffic is going through only on cable (1Gb/s).

      We would like to have load balanced the two physical cables, so the load is distributed over both cables.

      vSwitch0 is dedicated to Management traffic.

      How do we do that?

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          hussainbte Expert

          You can use Nic teaming and set both of them as active. you can use LACP on upstream switches and do IP has on vmkernel ports also.. there are no issues with using load balancing algorithim with management network.


          But if you have enterprise plus licensing I suggest you use DVS for management... and use route based on physical nic load.. its a true load balancing teaming policy