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    Multi span Sparse corrupt VMDK

    Rezah Novice



      I have a split SPARSE VMDK of 150gig split into 2 gig files. S002 of the span seems to have become corrupted and this is preventing the VM from starting up. I've tried repairing but to no avail.

      Tried creating a Dummy VM as Andre suggested, with the same parameters as the original and then replacing the corrupted file with the dummy's s002, in order to access the volume to extract whatever data i can. This also didn't work as it says the disk is unreadable.


      I tried replacing both s001 and s002 as I suspect that s001 may also have been corrupted. S002 I cannot access at all. Disk read error. Is there anyway I can access the data that lives in the remainder of the spans. Even if it means losing what lives in S001 and 2.


      Appreciate any help or advice.


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