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    VMWare 14 causing Blue Screen Of Death on Win 7 guest.  Win7 Guest was working on VMWare 12

    nickh0559 Lurker

      Hi All;


      I am at present regretting my decision to upgrade to VMware 14. I have many guest OSs running under VMware but it is my primary (I use it most) Win 7 guest that has trouble.  Ever since the upgrade I get random BSODs from the Win 7 guest (Was nicely stable under VMware 12).  BSODS can happen when I am working in the guest or when I am not even present. No identified triggers at this time.


      To test out that I did not somehow sneak in a bad driver or other evil little thing right at the transition I did pull out an old archive of the Win 7 guest.  It also fails in the exact same random manner.


      We have a clear case of working fine in VMware 12 and flakey in VMware 14 with a Win 7 guest.  Clues?


      Host Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, gobs of resources available to both the host and VM  (128GB Host, 16GB Guest,  I-7  6 core processor, lots of free disk.).


      Any pointer would be useful.