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    Black screen when connecting through PCoIP

    nikdamani Novice

      I am getting black screen when I connect to vm's from Horizon client. It does not disconnect or give me any message but just black screen and stays like that until I manually disconnect .


      View connection server 7.3.2, Server 2008 R2

      View agent 7.3.2 on the vm's

      Horizon client 4.5.0

      VM's have Windows 7 installed


      If I install View agent 5.3.7 on the vm, I am able to connect even though the connection server is 7.3.2

      The ports are all correct and configured.

      I am connecting through PCoIP although I can connect through RDP

      The monitors and the video memory settings are correct.


      Has anyone faced this problem?

      I am not sure what to look for to fix this.


      Thank you in advance and appreciate it.