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    New ESXi not visible in Vcenter 6.0 webclient but C# client works fine

    deepak88 Lurker

      I have added a new esxi server to vcenter 6.0. This new host is a part of vsan cluster. It is visible in C# client, but webclient doesnot show the esxi server.


      There was a discussion  vSphere Web Client does not show a new host which says "resetting db contents" fixed the issue. but there is a note saying that it is not friendly fix and we have to re-add the hosts. Is there any other fix for this.


      My environment has 1 Vcsa 2 PSC and there are more than 100ESXi servers. Along with 1000+ VMs. Will "reseting DB contents" remove all the configurations? Is there any other fix for this? Please explain.