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    Converter 5.5.3 for Windows2008 SP2 to ESXi 6.5

    ang128 Lurker

      Hi I am trying to convert physical Windows2008 SP2 server to ESXi host 6.5, using vmware converter 5.5.3


      Getting this error.

      An error occurred while opening a virtual disk. Verify that the converter server and the running source machines have a network access to the source and destination ESX/ESXi hosts


      I have checked Windows Server DNS resolution, it is able to resolve target ESXi 6.5

      I also tried modified the host file, still same error.


      Attached logs.


      Please help.

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          The most important logs, worker's and agent's (from source machine), are missing but from the message you have: your source machine must be able to see ESX at port 902 in order to complete conversion. Check the logs on source machine, especially agent's one.


          Always use the latest Converter too.

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            it is generally recommended to use the latest Converter version, especially when you the destination is a new version (I am not sure anyone has ever tried Converter 5.5 against vSphere 6.5)

            The server log shows the job has started. There could be more information in the agent or worker log.

            The log shows the destination is accessed by IP address. The issue may be some firewall, see p.27 in the user guide about network configuration.


            Conclusion: Check the network configuration, try the conversion with Converter 6.1.1. If it still fails, upload the whole log bundle.