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    Intermittently-Dropped Packets/Connection Loss

    cmezger Lurker

      “ I have setup a cluster with NSX and vSAN for a project. The environment consists of a single environment Edge Gateway, connected to a DLR which is then connected to a group of smaller Edge Gateways for classroom ‘pods’”


      During my testing I have noticed that if the environment sits idle, I cannot ping the downstream interface on the environment Edge Gateway from a workstation in a pod. After 5 min. of performing an extended ping, things seem to ‘come up’ and the traffic gets through and out to the internet. This behavior has been tested and occurs on multiple Windows 7 machines behind different small Edges. I can ping from pod to pod and I can ping the DLR north and south interface but cannot ping beyond that.”


      “Any advice would be appreciated including where to start looking and what logs might be useful.”