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    [Bug] vROps 6.6.1 Dashboard Actions menu severely crippled

    Joffer Enthusiast

      Seems I’ve encountered a possible bug in vROps 6.6.1 (clean deployment, onto vSphere 6.5U1 environment)


      After doing basic configuration but before configuring any solutions, the Dashboard Actions menu gets severely limited/crippled.


      Before I did any configurations (only deploy and initial setup), the dashboard actions menu looks like this:

      After doing basic configurations (added SAML SSO auth source, import user Groups (2), configure SMTP), it is reduced to this:

      When clicking on 'Manage Dashboards' the action icons are also reduced from

      to this:


      I've redeployed the vROps 6.6.1, and I was able to reproduce the problem:


      1. vRops 6.6.1 deployed (small). Before power on, increased disk2 to 500GB, and upgraded vHW to vmx-13
      2. Ran vROps Initial config. New instance. License applied here.
      3. Administration > Access > Password Policy > Disabled Password Change Policy (no expiring
      4. Administration > Access > [click] Authentication Sources > Add SAML SSO (vCenter)
      5. Changed KEYTABLE in /etc/sysconfig/keyboard to no-latin1.map.gz (but did not reboot)
      6. Added SAML SSO auth - source pointing to vCenter embedded PSC
      7. Imported two user Groups from our domain, one as full admins, and one as read only
      8. Configured SMTP outbound


      Going to Dahsboards and click on actions = crippled menu.


      I'm not sure where the bug manifested between 3 and 8. (Will try to redo it once more)

      Reversing the settings (except keytable for console) does not fix the problem.


      What annoys me is that I can't reproduce it in another site I've got. The main difference there is it is another Active Directory domain, but pretty much the same other than that. (hardware, vsphere). Both sites are new installs of vSphere 6.5 with migrated VMs from vSphere 5.5. the vROps is as stated a new deployment.


      Any takers on what could be causing this?


      I'm redeploying once more, and more carefully check the Dashboard between every change and with snapshots so I can og back.


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