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    Get-VIEvent in RHEL-PowerCLI  Doubts............

    AmoghMaheshvip Novice

      I am writing a script in RHEL-powerCLI to fetch few VM information (last login user ).. I will be given login credentials of ESXI ONLY...(not Vms)


      My first doubt is... : [ powerCLI running in VM named RHEL7.4-Amogh ]

      [1] when I use -

      "  Get-VIEvent -MaxSamples 1"

      I am able to get last login user...saying..

      FullFormattedMessage : User root@192.168.**.** logged in as PowerCLI/1.0.0.********


      [2] but in the powercli script for all VMs in esxi.. [ (vm) is name which I am passing ]

      "  Get-VM (vm) | Get-VIEvent -MaxSamples 1 "

      I get last login time when Vm is powered ON...

      FullFormattedMessage : RHEL7.4-Amogh on  localhost.localdomain in ha-datacenter is powered on...



      Why cant the output of [1] shown in output of [2]..


      My second doubt is...... :


      We have ESXi in which there are 4 VMs poweredOn..

      in that one VM I am using [I used ssh to login to VM ].. and other 3 are used by someone else.. [ they use  'ssh' to login or may be they use some other ways ]


      when I try to see last login user and time with


      forEach (VM - PoweredON ) {  Get-VIEvent -Entity VM -MaxSample 1 }


      I get to see only my VM's output but not other 3 VMs....


      [ this is the error which I get

      You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression.

      At /root/amg_4_GetVMinfo.ps1:71 char:3

      +   $LastLoginTime = $event.CreatedTime.ToString("dd/MM/yyy HH:MM:ss")  ]


      May I know why ?



      Thank You