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    Provisioning first tile has stalled

    Chirtzelbbt Lurker


         I am setting up a test, and am on page 49 of the doc.  The first tile seems to have provisioned ok (i have a hosts-stub file that i appended to the hosts file of the P-C), however the java program has not finished and i don't have a log file on the DS3B0 server.  the last line of my output log is "Importing Hosts File Stub into Known Hosts: /root/vmmark3/provisioning-output/vmmark3-output/hosts-stub.txt


      After that the system appears to have gone idle.  I dont think the DS3DB0 process has started yet.  So im basically stuck around step 5 on page 49 of the pdf.  The few times i tested this prior it worked fine.  Id appreciate any suggestions, thanks!