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    VMWare PowerCli DrsClusterGroup

    ProjectD22 Lurker

      Hi there!


      I need to set a drs group to 200+ VMs. I'm not going to do this by hand, obviously.

      So I tried to set a drs group on just one VM but it failed.


      Here's the line:

      Set-DrsClusterGroup -DrsClusterGroup "le" -VM "SRV161" –Add


      Here are the error-messages


      Some more informations:


      Powerclient version -> 6.5.4

      PowerClient is connected to a vCenter Server

      There are 8 Clusters. All of the drs groups are named equally in every cluster. They are named le and wi.

      The VM SRV161 does exist.


      What am I doing wrong?


      Thank you in advance.