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    Welcome to VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure!

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      Welcome to the VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure!


      Whether you are simply exploring or using the service, please post your questions, comments and feedback here. We are intently listening and look forward to the discussion.


      When posting a topic, please use the "Categories" options at the bottom to help us better organize and respond to the discussions. We have created the following categories:

      Pre-RequisitesFor queries related to Pre-Requisites required to get started, including necessary Microsoft Azure Subscription, Azure Service Principal, Networking etc.
      Getting Started For queries related to getting started, including deployment, access, Domain Join operations etc.
      Master ImageFor queries related to creating a Master Image including selecting a Windows Server image from the Microsoft Azure marketplace, applying Horizon Cloud Agents etc.
      Creating RDS Server FarmsFor queries related to creating a collection of RDS Servers on your Microsoft Azure subscription, selection of VM types etc
      Power ManagementFor queries related to configuring power management options on the Horizon Cloud Administrator Console to manage Microsoft Azure compute spend
      Managing ApplicationsFor queries related to management/configuration of Application assignments
      Managing DesktopsFor queries related to management/configuration of Desktop assignments
      End-User UsageFor queries related to end-user experience while accessing desktops and applications
      General For queries that do not fall under any of the above categories. All questions/comments/feedback are welcome