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    ESXi 6.5.0 Web client stop accepting connection from different PC

    ecsw Lurker

      I have a ESXi 6.5.0 running for a few months and everything was great. It has approximately 11 VM up and running.


      However, recently I noticed that only 1 PC on the network can access the Web client using URL

      I restarted the host and it went back to normal of which all other PC on the network will have access to it. But few days later, problem will come back.


      For the PC that can not access Web Client, I can ping the server no problem at all and I have tried all browsers (IE, Edge, Chrome and Firefox) but it shows page can't be displayed.

      It's talking to the web client somehow because it changes the icon as following.


      I know host restart will fix this but it's annoying to keep on restarting the host. Is there a service that I can restart and try?

      Is there any other way to connect to the host?

      What else might be wrong with my server?


      Thanks for any help.