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    Network Insight Proxy Virtual Appliance: ??

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      I don't get it. If you don't have a sizing requirement that pushes you to more than 1 'brick', what purpose does the proxy appliance serve? Can you set up the platform without a proxy and have the platform collect the data?


      I'm seeing a lot of how when it comes to setting up the proxy virtual appliance both internal to VMware docs and external on blogs.


      What I'm not seeing is why I need the proxy virtual appliance if I don't have a VM requirement of over a single brick and/or my platform can hit the Internet.


      Should I be searching for Arkin documentation rather than Network Insight documentation to figure this out or am I missing something glaringly obvious?

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          The proxy vm and platform vm serve two different functions.  The proxy vm is for data collection and can be geo-distributed.  The platform processes the data collected and runs the UI, in case of scale-out cluster of the platform vm, they are always kept together, in the same DC and cannot be geo-distributed.

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