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    looking for someone to help install MSDOS 6.22 via remote phone (no longer looking - thanks to all)

    earl1812 Lurker

      1) I purchased vm player 14 last week. I want to install DOS 6.22 on a tower computer. It has plenty of memory and hard drive space. Windows 10 with all current updates.

      2) I have original MSDOS floppies (3 of them).

      3) I have a usb floppy drive.

      4) someone burned a CD for me with images of the DOS machine's 3 logical drives C:, D:, E:

      5) I want to put the 3 images in VM and crank up DOS. Also within C: is windows 7 but I'll worry about that one later.


      Not looking for anything fancy or too expensive, but want someone who knows DOS very well. It would be long distance talking as I have no camera for or mic on this computer. Someone would have to walk me through it. I can pay with Paypal.