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    Disabling Forged Transmit on DVUplinks causes networking drop out

    CarlTCraven Lurker

      I have been working through the vSphere hardening guide in vROps 6.6

      I have disabled forged transmits on the Standard vSwitches and the DVSwitch port groups with out any issue.


      Using PowerCLI I ran

      get-vdportgroup | get-vdsecuritypolicy

      and found that all the DVSwitch Uplinks where set to ForgedTransmitsAllowed = $true whilst all the port groups were set to $False

      This was showing as a compliance alert in vROps


      So I ran the following PowerCLI to disable the DVSwitch Uplinks

      get-vdportgroup | get-vdsecuritypolicy |set-vdsecuritypolicy -forgedtransmits $false


      At this point every VM lost network connectivity, and continued to have intermittent connectivity until the setting was reverted.


      Is this expected behaviour?

      It feels like its either my lack of understanding of the setting or a bug that I have stumbled across.