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    Create an Initial 2-node vSAN and path to migrate additional nodes to 5-node vSAN

    ToddD Lurker

      Okay, so here is the skinny.


      I have a client that current has a 4-node ESXi cluster. This cluster has a poor man's SAN (Linux VM's using local storage and serving them up as iscsi/nfs), not to mention a ton of other issues. As they were going to add a 5th node, there is a brand new node sitting in the box unmolested. They have plenty of licenses including enough vSAN advanced licenses to handle the full stack. I know there is a method of creating a 2-node ROBO vSAN with a witness appliance, but not certain if I can expand the hosts from that point (my initial research said there wasn't).


      My question is:


      Is there a method for me to create a 2-node vSAN cluster that I can migrate VM's across from old cluster to new cluster and once old host is completely vacated add that host to the new stack creating a 3-node vSAN. Rinse and Repeat until all 5 modes are up and running?