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    NSX edge unable to add IP to new interface

    shangwsh Lurker

      Hi All,


      Need some advise on how to resolve this weird issue.


      After deploy a NSX edge, I try to configure additional interface to connect to new logical switch.

      But when I try to assign an IP to the new interface, I got an error and unable to complete the configuration.


      I tried re-deploy a new edge but doesn't work.

      Only method work is when I configure all interfaces when deploying a new edge.

      But it doesn't make sense because I do not want to keep re-deploying a new edge whenever I need to add a new logical switch.


      Image 2.jpg


      thanks in advance.

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          Mparayil Enthusiast

          What is the version of NSX ?


          is this happening only for Logical switches ?


          when you select internal only or for Uplink as well ?


          did you try to assign the interface to an VLan backed port group for test what is the result ?


          can you try repairing the Logical switches using the Rest client :-


          give a POST API






          Run the higlighted command below and see the VMCI status of the NSX-Edge

          please let me know the status, and we can proceed accordingly

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            jasnyder Expert

            I was able to reproduce your issue on vCenter 6.5.0 build 6816762 with NSX 6.3.0 Build 5007049.


            In the web client I cannot modify any vNIC that was not specified at the time of creating the edge by adding an IP address, but can add multiple vNICs with IP addresses at the time of creation.


            However, I was able to use the API directly to make the modification and add the IP address.  First doing a GET to /api/4.0/edges/{edgeId} to get the current edge configuration.  Then modify the JSON to add the dvPortGroup to connect, set the vNIC to connected, and add the address groups (1 with a single primary IP).  Then doing a PUT back to /api/4.0/edges/{edgeId} with the full config modified to add the new vNIC info causes it to reconfigure the VM as well as update the NSX UI in the vSphere Web Client to show the vNIC connected and the IP assigned.


            So I would file this under being a bug in the vSphere Web Client UI.

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              amolnjadhav Enthusiast



              As per the below kb article. the issue has been fixed in NSX 6.3.3


              VMware Knowledge Base