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    snapshot size wrong

    sportstech Novice

      Running version 6.5.0, build 5973321.


      Anyone else getting the wrong information returned on snapshot size? Seeing this with the get-snapshot cmdlet and also from the 'manage snapshots' view within vCenter. It's doesn't appear to read the delta vmdk file size.

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          LucD Guru
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          Not sure I understand your remark, the snapshot size displays what is in the delta file, not including the size of the VMDK.

          In other words you would only see the changes made to the VMDK after the snapshot is taken.


          Perhaps you could show us an example screenshot of what you mean?

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            sportstech Novice

            Exactly, which used to be the size of the *-delta.vmdk file. But now it clearly is not for us. Not exactly certain when this changed for us, but it was sometime after Oct 25th of this year.


            > Get-Snapshot * |select *


            Description       : Taken prior to upgrade

            Created           : 11/28/2017 10:00:00 PM

            Quiesced          : False

            PowerState        : PoweredOff

            VM                : Mango

            SizeMB            : 0.06697845458984375

            SizeGB            : 0.000065408647060394287109375

            IsCurrent         : True

            IsReplaySupported : False


            3.5G    Mango-000001-delta.vmdk

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              LucD Guru
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              From where did you obtain that VMDK size?
              From the datastore browser in the Web Client?

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                warnox Enthusiast

                I'm seeing the same thing, see attached. Any help appreciated.


                ESXi: 6.5.0, build 5146846

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                  sportstech Novice

                  So that information is from a 'du' command executed from a linux host with the datastore mounted NFS.

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                    LucD Guru
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                    I went with an SSH onto the ESXi node, and indeed, the size returned by Get-Snapshot seems to be "strange".

                    In fact I have no idea how they get to these values.


                    Looks like a "feature"



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                      warnox Enthusiast
                      VMware have confirmed this should be resolved in 6.5 U2.
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                        LucD Guru
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                        So it's not a PowerCLI "feature" but a vSphere one?

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                          nndsccg87 Lurker
                          I know this is an older post but Warnox do you have an documentation for this being fixed in U2?  I checked the release notes and do not see that listed. 
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                            knerhood Lurker

                            I know I too am reviving an older post (and really just saying me too), but we are just now experiencing the problem too. PowerCLI has reported correctly for many years. We are running VMware ESXi, 6.5.0, 13004031 . Just tried to open a support call with VMware and they basically said, yes it's an issue but wouldn't support PowerCLI. Warnox did you have proof this was addressed? If so can you share some more info.

                            Did anyone else find a resolution? We've built several processes around this information and it is now unreliable at best.