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    HTML5 Multimedia Redirection feature doesn't work when Chrome is installed on App Volumes writable volume

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      Not sure if this would be the right place to ask, but I am currently running Horizon 7.3.2 environment with Windows 10 LTSB 2016 (Build 1607) instant clone desktops. The desktop image has UEM 9.2.1 and App Volumes 2.13.1 installed, and we utilize both appstacks and writable volumes to support our user's use case.


      I was trying out the HTML5 redirection feature (new to 7.3.1) using Windows Horizon client 4.6.1, ensuring that the HTML5 feature is enabled on vdm_agent policies, URL configured, and Google Chrome extension for HTML5 MMR installed. When I use the published app for Chrome (installed directly on RDS server), the HTML5 MMR feature works fine. When I tried it on the desktop where Chrome is installed on the writable volume, however, the extension doesn't seems to work. The extension icon will "color" up for a moment when Chrome is launched, but will soon turn into grey. Consequently, the redirection doesn't work and will play the video on the virtual desktop itself. Not sure if anyone else notice this?


      I haven't tried this with Chrome installed directly on the image, but I assume it won't work either since extension files are installed inside the user's Chrome profile directory, within the Local AppData folder in the user profile.


      The App Volumes agent is configured with the necessary registry item to allow Google Chrome extensions to function (i.e. assigning a drive letter to writable volume)