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    vCenter Windows 6.0 -> VCSA migration fails at AD join credentails input

    Czernobog Hot Shot


      after trying the migration a few times I constantly get to the point, where inputting an AD account for the AD join fails:

      This is extremly frustrating, since this is just one of the multiple problems I have faced during the migration and I do not even want for the appliance to be AD joined, after the migration.

      Is there a way to ignore this setting??

      I have already checked the permissions of the account, it has Full Control rights on the Computer Object, it is also the same account that was used to join the Windows Server hosting the vCenter to the AD.


      edit 01.12: I've tried it again with VMware-VCSA-all-6.5.0-7119157.iso, the migration still fails, but at least the error with the AD join account is not there anymore.