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    Network connectivity issue between VRA and IaaS host

    cuongnguyen_92 Novice

      Hi everyone,


      I'm having trouble with vra installation wizard. In Prerequesite Checker windows ,There is an error displayed: There is a network connectivity issue between this Virtual Appliance and LAPTOP-BNJH7QEC. And when I press Run to execute the prerequesite checker., it just keeps the status Waiting for host to trigger prerequisite check for a long time.


      I have already checked the connection between IaaS host and vra host. They can ping to each other. The vra version I installed :VMware-vR-Appliance-

      If anyone met this issue before, please guide me how to figure out. And if anyone knows the log file that contains information about this connection, pls give me the path. Thanks in advance


      The vra host can discover IaaS host:


      But it takes forever to do the prerequisite checker to IaaS host:

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