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    Invalid Argument Error upon PXE boot during vCSA 6.5 Autodeploy

    zanix Lurker

      I am trying to test autodeploy feature in recently upgraded test environment (vCSA 6.5 U1).  I am getting following error while booting a blank VM  (OS type selected : other 64-bit, Network adapter: tried both E1000/VMXNET3, local HDD).  IP from DHCP is successfully assigned but something wrong with autodeploy. I am using solarwind TFTP and placed :



      tftp: IP address/tramp....ok

      could not start download: Invalid argument (http://ipxe.org/1c25e002)

      could not boot image: Invalid argument (http://ipxe.org/1c25e002)

      Network error encountered while PXE booting



      Note: I downloaded TFTP image from vCSA console, ESXi zipped folder from VMware .  I have done no special configuration in host profile.



      I will really appreciate any suggestion to resolve...