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    Error while building Java bindings for the vCloud API via JAXB

    slhrkc Lurker

      I am trying to generate Java binding classes for Vcloud 27 schema files.



      I followed the guide on HOWTO: Build Java bindings for the vCloud API via JAXB  but i got the following error.


      This is the command i ran


      ${JAVA_HOME}/bin/xjc -d <target dir> -catalog etc/schemas/external/catalog.xml -b etc/1.5/schemas/vcloud/vcloud.xjb -b etc/1.5/schemas/vcloud/ovf.xjb -b etc/1.5/schemas/extension/vmwextensions.xjb etc/1.5/schemas/master/master.xsd etc/1.5/schemas/extension/vmwextensions.xsd

      This is the error i got

      [ERROR] src-resolve: Cannot resolve the name 'vcloud-ext:VimObjectRefsType' to a(n) 'type definition' component.

        line 331 of file:/c:/user/schema-files/1.5/schemas/admin/providerVdc.xsd


      Failed to parse a schema.


      What should i do to fix this error.